Women's Choir

5th period
Women's Choir meets during 5th period on school days.  This ensemble consists of only girls.  I welcome all female singers to join this choir.  We participate in many musical events and put on four different concerts through out the year. 

We go on a choir trip every spring.  This trip allows us to visit other parts of the country and perform in fascinating places.

This April we will be traveling to Washington, DC to participate in the Heritage Music Festival with the SCHS Band.  We will be sight seeing and making beautiful music.   

Women's Choir 2015-2016 Officers 

President: Halee Hood

Vice President: Kris Freeman

Treasurer: Carmen Burke

Secretary: Kaylan Divine

Librarian: Rose Wood

Historian: Hailey Hall

Section Leaders:

Soprano 1: Tori Curtsinger 

Soprano 2: Mackenzie Brock

Alto: Zo Wilson